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Bristol charity moves employees to four-day working week

A charity has moved staff to a four-day working week without reducing their pay.

City to Sea, a Bristol-based environmental charity, has a total of 19 staff who will work 32 hours a week.

The charity said it was challenging a workplace "blaze and burn culture" it claimed created "fatigue and burnout".

Jane Martin, 45, who works as head of development at City to Sea, said the four-day working week was a "brilliant opportunity".

"I can finally put more time into seeing my family and friends whist also having time to look after myself," said Ms Martin.

"I have had the chance to really explore my creative side and recently started studying for a masters degree in my spare time."

Ms Martin is studying strategy and leadership at the University of Bristol and said she wanted to "elevate her career by putting her learning back into the organisation".

According to a Microsoft Japan study conducted in 2019, when it trialled a four-day week, productivity of employees went up by nearly 40%.

In June, the UK is set to have its biggest ever four-day week pilot involving more than 60 companies from across the country.

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