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Charities becoming an 'internal service agency for the government'.

The charity sector is missing the bigger picture and becoming an “internal service agency for the government”, delegates at the think tank NPC’s annual conference have heard.

Indy Johar, founding director at Dark Matter Labs, an organisation that works to transition society in response to technological revolution and climate breakdown, made the remarks during the last day of NPC’s conference during a Question Time panel event.

In response to an earlier question about the distribution of funding in the sector during the pandemic, Johar said: “I think it's very easy for us to be squabbling about crumbs, when actually we're looking at a vast, large scale transition to deal with climate change, which needs about about four and a half trillion globally a year to deal with.”

In highlighting the scale of social and ecological transition, Johar called on the sector to focus and get ahead of the argument on some of the big issues such as climate change, inequality and social care.

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