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Charities call for simpler annual reporting guidance

Charity trustees want clearer, simpler guidance on annual reporting, according to research from the ICSA: The Chartered Governance Institute (ICSA).

The SORP Trustee Engagement Strand Feedback Report, published by ICSA, suggested that charity boards wanted guidance which was more accessible to trustees who do not have a professional financial background.

The information was compiled as part of an ongoing consultation on reforming the SORP, which is designed to help trustee boards prepare their charity’s accounts.

The report also called for the guidance to use more plain English, with one respondent quoted in the report saying that the SORP was “unintelligible” in places.

ICSA said it was “a concern” to find that the size of trustee boards reported by a minority of respondents did not meet agreed governance standards, because they were either too small or too large.

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