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COVID-19 business grant allowances increased unlocking £millions of extra funding for charities

After nine months of concerted lobbying effort by the Charity Retail Association and Charity Tax Group, charities have welcomed news that COVID-19 business grant allowances have been increased by the Government. Charities with substantial property retail, hospitality and leisure property portfolios, including charity shops, can now access up to £1m of extra funding with an additional £9m available if a range of eligibility criteria are met.

Businesses on the high street, including charity shops, had previously been denied access to business saving lockdown grants as the UK Government applied EU state aid rules despite the UK no longer being bound by them. The Charity Retail Association and Charity Tax Group, supported by a coalition of leading charities and sector bodies, had called on the Chancellor to increase the limits, arguing that EU restrictions no longer applied and were in any event now more generous than the UK’s limits.

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