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Fadi Itani: If we’re really stronger together, could it be time to partner up?

Fadi Itani from the Muslim Charities Forum suggests that if done well charity mergers can be positive and innovative, rather than seen as a last resort.

Throughout Covid-19, many of charities have faced a rising wave of challenges. As we move slowly and hesitantly towards a post-Covid world, partnership working is worth considering to future-proof and strengthen defences.

Covid-19 certainly changed the charity world. With reports that many charities went into the pandemic with only one month reserves and some have barely enough to survive a few days these have been and continue to be very challenging times.

As with most problems, recognition is important, but worry can only take you so far. At some point and before too long, the only way to resolve a concern is to face it head on and try and get ahead of the curve.

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