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Getting more out of your charity’s accountant

Most charities have accountants – it is, unfortunately, a necessity to need someone to sign off a set of charity accounts if income is over £25k and whilst this doesn’t need to be a qualified accountant initially, it often is.

Go that bit further and if you’re fortunate to run a charity with income over £1m, you’ll need an auditor. What continues to surprise me is how many charities pay someone as little as possible for this service, really missing out on a chance to make the most of a great opportunity.

All charities are, quite rightly, looking to get more from all their suppliers, and this only looks likely to increase over the coming years as the sector continues to operate under the shadow of the pandemic.

Accountancy should be no different, and it would be remiss of charities to assume that they can’t get more than numbers from their accountant.

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