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Kent Community Foundation

Award grants to support a number of primary issues in the county, contributing towards everything from specific projects to everyday running costs.

Grants come from over 80 different funds set up by generous people and organisations. We know that applying for funding can be difficult, so we try to make it as straightforward as possible.

There are four ways you can apply to Kent Community Foundation:

  • Known Organisations route - submit one application for unrestricted support annually and potentially receive up to £20,000 throughout that 12-month period

  • Micro Groups Fund - grants of up to £2,000 for organisations with income under £75,000

  • Themed Funds – these are our five priority areas of need: Children, Young People & Families, Elderly & Isolated, Employability, Skills & Enterprise, Vulnerable Adults and Environment

  • Other funds with notable criteria - this could be a maximum grant amount, restricted focus or their own form

To learn more click here

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