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Luton & Bedford Community Foundation - Stability Fund - Round 2

Funding available to community groups/charities based in Bedfordshire meeting all the criteria.

Grants: up to £15,000 per year for 2 years Areas: Bedford Borough, Central Bedfordshire & Luton Stability Fund- Round 2 Grants of up to £15,000 per year for 2 years that fit the 3 key priorities (see criteria on site).

This Fund helps charitable organisations in Bedfordshire & Luton recover from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. The fund offers financial stability over 2 years to established organisations, delivering services locally and with the capacity to adapt services in response to the impacts of Covid-19.

This fund is specifically for small organisations with under £250k pa. income.

Applications for this fund close 15th July 2022

To learn more click here

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