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Over 2,000 made redundant at largest 20 charities despite high use of furlough

Between them the largest 20 charities have made over 2,200 redundancies in the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, despite high uptake of the furlough scheme saving many roles.

Civil Society News surveyed the largest 20 charities that feature in the 2020 Charity Finance 100 Index, which ranks charities according to their average income over a three-year period.

Of the largest 20 charities, 15 supplied some details of their use of the furlough scheme over the pandemic period, and one other had reported some information in a previous survey.

They reported more than 32,500 instances of furlough, and Civil Society News estimates that more than a third of these people remained on furlough at the time the research was undertaken in March.

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