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Revised Charity Governance Code ramps up equality, diversity and inclusion focus

The Charity Governance Code has been updated to give a greater emphasis to charities’ responsibility to equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI).

The revised code includes a specific EDI principle and has been written following consultation with the charity sector and advice from independent EDI consultant Pari Dhillon.

According to the NCVO, BAME charity staff earn on average of 20% less than non-BAME staff, which is worse than the previous year, when the gap was 18%.

Four stages of practice are recommended for charities on their “EDI journey”.

Boards are urged to:

  1. Think about why equality, diversity and inclusion is important for the charity and assess the current level of understanding.

  2. Set out plans and targets tailored to the charity and its starting point.

  3. Monitor and measure how well the charity is doing.

  4. Be transparent and publish the charity’s progress.

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