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Significant dependency on charities revealed since the start of the pandemic

The research was commissioned by The COVID-19 Support Fund, established by the insurance and long-term savings industry. It also shows a significant proportion (75%) of people using charity services this year have had to do so regularly, exposing how dependent vulnerable people are on charity in the UK. As many as two in five (39%) of these adults say there is no end in sight yet as they expect to need charity support for at least another six months and possibly longer.

This dependency on charity is more likely among adults in full-time employment and those aged 18-34. Londoners are also disproportionately dependent on charity compared to elsewhere in the UK, 95% of Londoners who have used charity support have been dependent on it.

Thankfully, support from charities has helped many people during this difficult time. Many of those who had support say they feel reassured that there are charities there to help during the crisis (42%), and relieved that there was someone there for them (39%). Nearly a third (31%) are hopeful for the future, while 27% feel much happier again. This shows just how vital charitable services are in rebuilding people’s lives after a crisis.

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