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Some fraud may have been ‘hidden’ during the pandemic, charities warned

Charities need to be vigilant in order to reduce their risk of becoming a victim of fraud, especially as the pandemic has exacerbated some issues, an expert has warned.

Mia Campbell, head of the Fraud Advisory Panel, which is a charity dedicated to fraud prevention, delivered the closing keynote at yesterday’s Charity Finance Summit, organised by Civil Society Media. She advised delegates to make sure staff and volunteers understood what to look out for and how to report potential fraud.

“It's really important to mention here, charities do fall victim to fraud and I'm sure many of you have already seen some fraud come across your books,” she said. “If you haven't then I suggest maybe you haven't looked hard enough.”

She said it was incorrect to think that the charities were “immune” to fraud, and that in fact some fraudsters see the sector as “a bit of a soft touch”.

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