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The Allen Lane Foundation

The Allen Lane Foundation funds small registered charities, voluntary groups, and charitable organisations. We do not make grants to individuals. We make grants for work across the UK – BUT NOT within Greater London.

We fund charities and organisations that work with seven particular beneficiary groups:

  1. Asylum seekers and refugees

  2. Gypsies and Travellers

  3. Migrant communities

  4. Offenders and ex-offenders

  5. Older people

  6. People experiencing mental health problems

  7. People experiencing violence or abuse

Our maximum grant is £15,000. The average grant size is around £5,000-£6,000.

While recognising (and being willing to support) on-going, tried and tested projects, we are also particularly interested in unusual, imaginative or pioneering projects which have perhaps not yet caught the public imagination.

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