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The Wolfson Foundation celebrates £1billion of donations

A philanthropic charity based in London which has helped fund projects in the capital ranging from cancer research to the restoration of the country’s oldest synagogue is celebrating this month after hit £1 billion of giving.

The Wolfson Foundation, which was set up in 1955, has also supported the restoration of the library at St Paul’s Cathedral, the provision of musical instruments at the Royal College of Music, and equipment for a cafe and sewing project for Afghans in Hounslow.

Other grants intended to improve civil society have gone to education, science and culture, including money for what the charity describes as “exceptional students, researchers and healthcare professionals”.

The funding has been spread nationwide but significant sums have been invested in London where beneficiaries include the Bevis Marks Synagogue in east London - the oldest synagogue in Britain - and the Royal Marsden’s Oak Cancer Centre.

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