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WMCA Community Green Grants

The Foundation has partnered with the West Midlands Combined Authority [WMCA] to deliver the Community Green Grants programme. Time spent in nature is known to be beneficial to physical and mental wellbeing. It is important that opportunities to be in green spaces is increased, especially in areas with limited access. The WMCA Community Green Grants will fund projects that tackle green deprivation whilst also improving the local environment, by:

  • Increasing or improving green/blue spaces close to where people live

  • Connecting people to nature, especially communities experiencing green deprivation

  • Enhancing the local environment.

Small Grants £3,000 – £25,000

Eligible community groups and organisations will be encouraged to apply for small grants that connect local people to nature. Examples of potential projects include:

  • Activities run at community gardens / open spaces / parks, eg. tree planting, gardening, urban greening, growing fruit & vegetables

  • Turning unused viable land into pocket parks

  • Nature playgroups that give children and families with no regular access to green space an opportunity to experience hands on activities.

Large Grants £25,000 – £100,000

For organisations with larger scale plans that will create significant sustainable projects that help people connect to nature and improve the local environment. Examples include:

  • Development of green corridors linking parks / community gardens / other green spaces

  • Development of new community green spaces that increase local access

  • Projects that significantly improve the biodiversity of the area & promote behavioral change on accessing green spaces.

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