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Empowering Grassroot Not-for-Profits working with Muslims within the UK

All Ways Network believe a strong support network is essential for charities to be empowered and meet the needs of diverse and disadvantaged communities . The current rocky climate in the UK, with its constant cuts from the government, mean this is all the more vital for grassroots groups and community charities.

We encourage and ensure charities are aware of good practice and operating with due diligence in order for them to reach their full potential. We support small charities via a range of services from webinars, focused group sessions on topics such as bid writing, to our annual Meet the Funders event and more!

Heart & Hands

Our Mission

To empower small not-for-profit organisations working with and for the

Muslim community living in the UK.


Our Vision

For small charities working with Muslim communities in the UK to feel strengthened, connected and be able to help more people in need.


How we do it

We believe in having a strong support network for our community of charities especially within the current rocky climate in the UK.

We encourage and ensure charities are aware of good practice and operating with due diligence. 

Our Story


While working as a Grants Officer for Foundation in London, AWN’s Founder Ayesha Tariq, realised how few Muslim-led organisations were applying for grants to her organisation. Upon investigating further, she became aware of how many small charities were not familiar with funders or grants as a viable and charitable income stream.


Looking for a resolution, Ayesha hosted an event called ‘Meet the Funders’ in 2016 at the Osmani Centre in Whitechapel. There was a great turn out of Muslim grassroots charities and it was widely attended by mainstream funders including: Aziz Foundation, BBC Children in Need, Clothworkers' Foundation, East End Community Foundation, London Marathon Charitable Trust, Tudor Trust, and Wolfson Foundation. 


This was an opportunity for small charities to share their projects (revenue, overheads, running, salaries, etc) and engage in discussions about funding eligibility.

The result of this event was highly positive, and charities expressed further interest in being involved in future events. This led to the formation of All Ways Network (AWN).

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