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Commission issues official warnings to two persistently late-filing charities

The Charity Commission has issued official warnings to two charities that have repeatedly failed to file their annual documents on time.

In an update about its ongoing class inquiry into charities that have been late filing their annual returns for two or more of the past five years, the regulator said that between April 2020 and March this year, 19 charities had been removed from the register of charities because they were not operational while a further 25 charities submitted their outstanding documents.

The commission said four charities that had persistently failed to submit their annual returns were told they faced receiving an official warning, leading two of them to file their outstanding documents.

But two – the education charity Compass Bridge and the Islamic Education Centre and Mosque, which runs a mosque near Sunderland – had not complied, so had been served with official warnings requiring them to file their outstanding documents.

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