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Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport: Loneliness Engagement Fund

Charities and other charitable organisations can apply for grants of between £15,000 and £50,000 to engage with people in England most affected by loneliness during COVID-19.

The funding is open to organisations that have a track record of delivering effective communications and engagement activity at a national level; and who have a proven reach and track record of engaging with one or more of the target groups most affect ted by loneliness.

This includes young people aged 16-24; people with diagnosed mental health conditions; people living alone; people from lower income households; unemployed people; and disabled people.

This funding is for organisations to continue, adapt or expand existing activity that reaches groups at a higher risk of loneliness and supports the government’s loneliness objectives.

The total funding available is £260,000.

The closing date for applications is the 13th October 2021.

To learn more click here

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