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Keir Starmer vows to tax private schools £1.7bn to help poorer kids in major shake-up

Keir Starmer aims to take £1.7billion a year in tax from private schools to fund a learning revolution for state-educated ­children if he becomes PM.

The Labour leader will pledge to end their charity status in his keynote speech to the Brighton conference this week. It means they will lose their VAT exemption, now worth £1.6billion, and will have to pay £104million in business rates.

Sir Keir told the Sunday Mirror: “Labour wants every parent to be able to send their child to a great state school. But improving them to benefit everyone costs money. That’s why we can’t justify continued charitable status for private schools.”

The move that will be applauded by parents across the country is part of Sir Keir’s plan to win back voters and hammer home the message Labour is the party for working people.

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