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London based charities – claim your funded one-year membership contribution to the Charity Tax Group

“Charities don’t pay tax…” If only that was the case. The reality is that they do pay tax and they do face a significant administrative burden when engaging with the tax system. There are also significant tax reliefs that are available to charities to reduce costs and maximise the value of gifts they receive.

The Charity Tax Group (CTG) exists to help charities navigate the tax maze – you can find out more about our recent work here. A volunteer-led organisation it supports charities through regular newsletters, expert insight webinars and an extensive online information hub. CTG has saved the charity sector billions of pounds over its existence through its key role in the development and protection of Gift Aid and important business rates and VAT reliefs. With the future of the economy uncertain and the Government needing to finance the recovery from COVID, the sector needs CTG’s voice more than ever.

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