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New fundraising support initiative to support BAME organisations in Camden

The next Voluntary Action Forum is next Wednesday 24th February at 11am. At the forum they will be launching a new fundraising support initiative to support BAME organsations in Camden.

The fundraising support will be provided in partnership with specialist networks Ubele and All Ways Network, targeted at small BAME organisations in Camden.

This project is part of a wider networking initiative with BAME groups and organisations, which aims to support grass roots BAME and other marginalised communities.

In partnership with the NHS, Public Health and VCS collaborators Camden Disability Action and Camden Healthwatch, the Health Inequalities Network aims to develop and deliver initiatives that connect these groups to health providers and policy makers, enabling collaboration and raising awareness of health inequalities and systemic disparity amplified by Covid-19.

To find out more and to book onto the event click here

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