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W.G. Edwards Charitable Foundation

Trustees are interested in supporting a diverse range of charities which support older people, from large institutions to small community-run organisations. Around 70 organisations each year are successful in obtaining grants usually between £1000 to £3000. The average grant is £1,500.

The Foundation was established to support capital projects and innovative projects but is unable to assist with running costs or salaries.

If your charity has a mixed age group of beneficiaries, the Foundation will consider a donation if around 80% are over the age of 65.

The Foundation is unable to give grants for:

  • Buying or leasing transport, ie. minibuses

  • Salaries

  • General campaigns

  • Revenue funding, ie. items for everyday use

  • Building projects in the planning stages

  • IT which is for the use of administration

  • Retrospective items

  • Rent

The deadline for applications for the January meeting is: December 10

To learn more click here

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