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Wave 4 Navigating Crisis Grant

London Community Response has announced that grants of up to £10,000 are now available to help groups to support Londoners affected by covid-19 over the winter months.

For this funding round, priority will be given to organisations that are led by and for marginalised communities; that are trusted by people at high risk of negative impacts from covid-19; and groups that have a turnover of less than £1m a year.

The funding will be available to both support people affected by Covid-19 as well as strengthening and supporting civil society organisations delivering essential services.

To be eligible for funding, activities must take place in and/or benefit people living in London or one or more of London’s 33 local authority areas. National organisations can apply but clearly show in their application how their proposed activities will benefit Londoners.

Applications will be assessed on a first-come-first-served basis, with with a final deadline on the 3rd December 2020.

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