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We Make Camden Social Action Fund

The “We Make Camden Kit” gives money and support to Camden residents and community groups who have great ideas for their communities.

Residents and community groups can apply via Camden Giving’s website to receive up to £1,500 to deliver ideas that contribute to four core themes, also known as Camden’s missions:

  • Food poverty and sustainability - encouraging experimentation, new partnerships, entrepreneurial activity and community-led activities responding to food poverty.

  • Diversity in positions of powermaking leadership positions more accessible and inclusive to people from a wide range of backgrounds by removing traditional barriers to entry and to develop and promote modern and inclusive leadership spaces.

  • Health and sustainability of estatescreating neighbourhoods and living spaces that people love to live in.

  • Opportunities for young people helping young people explore their interests, express creatively, and be safe to experiment and try out things so that they can make well-informed choices about their future.

To learn more click here

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